My thoughts on beauty subscription boxes

As a self-confessed beauty junkie, I've gone through many a beauty box over the years, some great, some not so great but with more and more being released each week I thought a guide on the different options on the market would be a helpful one-stop shop for you beauties looking to expand your product collection. 

I had a 6-month glossy box subscription about 2 years ago and really enjoyed getting the products each month. The principle is that you pay for a subscription plan that works for you and the themed boxes arrive each month and you have no idea what's inside. I won't lie it was a thrill getting the boxes through the post each month and ripping it open felt a little like Christmas, however, the products were not always things I'd use and often the colours would be a little random and I remember having the same product 2/3 times over the course of 6 months. 
What these boxes are good for is growing your beauty collection and trying things you normally wouldn't. When I started the subscription my beauty collection was fairly limited and so too was my beauty budget, so having new products delivered to me each month did stop me from going out and buying new things so that's a plus. The themes were always really good too, like valentines themed was a small fragrance, a red lip etc. so I did find that handy and although there was always at least 1 recognisable brand each month the rest of the products were often smaller more boutique brands and it was a great way to expand my beauty horizons when I was shopping. 
Overall 3/5 great for someone looking to try experimenting with beauty and expanding their product collection. 

Latest in Beauty 
If you haven't heard of latest in the beauty you should definitely check it out, it's one of my top picks for gifts because they release limited edition beauty boxes regularly and partner with different magazines or brands to collaborate on them. For instance, at the moment they have boxes with Women's Health and Cosmopolitan full of their top beauty picks, yes the boxes are more expensive, on average about £25/30 but the products inside are much better! I've 2/3 of these now and I'm never disappointed, the products are often full sizes of luxury items the would cost way more than the cost of the box, think Elemis, SHOW Hair, Essie, Origins and loads more of industry favourites. With the boxes there's no need to subscribe or commit (although you can and would make an amazing gift) they're one-off releases and one-off purchases and I would highly recommend them for an experienced beauty queen looking to dabble in some more expensive brands without having to commit. Having a deluxe travel size or trialling a product as part of the box is a much easier way to branch out without having to spend £40/50 on the full sized product. 
Overall 5/5 my personal favourite boxes and would recommend them for yourself and as perfect gifts for the person in your life who has everything. 

Gift with purchase 
The box in the photo above was a gift with purchase from Marks and Spencer, the deal was you spend £50 or more on anything and get this box for £10, well I was ordering a bunch of work clothes and wardrobe staples anyway so this seemed like a really good deal and it really was, this box had some really amazing brands like Leighton Denny, Rodial and Stila. All great brand names in decent sizes or full sizes. Marks and Spencer run these beauty box deals fairly often and it's good to look out for, if you're sign up for emails from individual brands like Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Clarins etc they often release beauty boxes in very limited amounts. These boxes aren't as regular or as easy to get your hands on but because they're often brand specific they have bigger product sizes because they're trying to suck you into the brand (and they very often succeed)

So overall I prefer to buy beauty boxes when I know what's going to be in them and I don't have to commit to buying 6 months worth, but they can be very good value for money, great for expanding your product collection or just trying something new. They also make the perfect gift for either yourself or someone else as they come in lovely packaging and are wrapped nicely inside aswell. 

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