It's no myth that university life is not forgiving to your figure, with all the partying and take aways it soon takes its toll. I'll be graduating in July! (scary) so considering I'll be posing for lots of photos between grad ball and graduation itself I'm determined to be in the best shape possible AND we're going to Barcelona in April for a week and thats roughly half way between now and graduation so my goal setting plan is well and truly in full swing.
Workout Routine - With a gym so close to my flat (40 seconds across the hallway to get precise) there's no excuses for not working out this year. I bought myself a polar watch so I can track my calories that I burn per workout, I'm not a huge calorie counter but it keeps me motivated to hit another number, like if I'm on the treadmill and I've burnt 369 calories I'll keep going till I hit 400. Especially in the last week or two I've been trying to get to the gym everyday, even if it's just to walk on the treadmill. Be usually my workout is 40 minutes of cardio, normally on the cross trainer if it's free and then I'll either do upper or lower body using the cables machine and that tends to put me at an hour and 15/30 minutes and I burn roughly 500/600 calories.

Apps for Accountability - I'm a great tech lover, anything techy and I'm all over it. There's a couple of apps I use to help me stay focused. 1. My Fitness Pal, this is great for just putting in your food for the day and keeping you responsible when I know I'm writing everything down I won't have that extra snack or pudding. Like I mentioned I'm not a big calorie counter but it helps put what I'm eating into perspective, eg. the entire bag of mini eggs was as many calories as my entire lunch (not worth it) 2. Fitbit - My mum kindly lent me her Fitbit HR that led to me completely loving it and she has now donated it on a permanent basis (thanks mum) Walking is such an underrated exercise and having a step goal to hit makes me walk further and is the difference between me taking the stairs and taking the lift. I walk too and from uni 2/3 times a week so I regularly hit 12k+ steps a day. I also like looking at the heart rate feature which tells me how hard I was working during my workouts. 

Snacking - This is my worst habit, it's not always bad food but I am a grazer, I like to have something to pick at especially when I'm working. I tried to stick to healthy snacks only, like fruit/veg but found that I'd always have something else after. So I recently decided to go cold turkey with snacking, now I focus more on keeping my main meals high protein and low carb and I find that fills me up. I drink a lot of coffee and water between meals and that definitely helps keep my tummy full.

Meals - For the last year my mum has been growing the most beautiful kitchen garden full of lovely veggies, there is definitely a taste difference between shop bought and home grown thats for sure! I've been eating a lot of salad for my lunches and really enjoying it! My salad style is a bit of everything, I'll mix loads of different veggies with some kind of protein, normally chicken or salmon and it's a winner every time! I try and stick to what I enjoy, normally eggs and bacon for breakfast, salad or soup for lunch.

Xoxo LER 

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  1. Great post!! Hope you accomplish your goal! kisses:D

  2. Sounds like you've got a good healthy lifestyle - nothing too dramatic. So jealous of the kitchen garden, it's hard enough to grow herbs and a chilli plant in my flat let alone anything else!

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