If you've been reading for a while you might remember last summer I did a "Day in my Shoes" Intern Edition and it went down really well. Since I'm not interning anymore I thought I'd share what a typical uni day looks like for me. I study full time and I'm currently in my third year, I have lectures 3 days a week. This isn't my exact day but I've tried to combine what my 3 days are like combined. 

8:30 - Alarm 
Even if I'm not in uni till the afternoon the majority of the time I like to get up and out of bed and get some things ticked off my list before I go to uni. Makes me feel like I've gotten so much more done with my day. Normally though I'll spend a little bit of time in bed on my phone going through my social media and seeing what's new. 

 8:45 - Shower, Hair & Makeup 
Time to jump in the shower and get myself ready for the day, I don't tend to take too long getting myself because I know I'll only end up throwing my hair up during a lecture or revision session. Just enough makeup to look awake and polished, throw on a comfy but still cute outfit and my getting ready process is done. 

 9:30 - Breakfast
Normally I like to make myself a coffee or tea to go in a flask, but I love making myself a filling breakfast. Porridge, smoothie, toasted hot cross bun (recent fave) I've also been known to eat eggs in the back of my housemates car before. I'm a big breakfast person and a firm believer that it keeps me focused throughout the day. 

9:30/10 - travel time
Some of the time my housemates will drive to uni but other times its on the bus with my headphones in to catch half an hour of my favourite podcast before uni. 

10/11 - library time / lecture
Like I said this isn't an exact daily routine because all my uni days are different. Sometimes I'll head to the library before uni, some days however it's straight to my lectures! either way I'm laptop in tow and ready for work.
12 Noon - Break for Lunch 
During my break my friends and I will either meet up at the uni pub for some lunch or depending on my workload I'll bring my own lunch and hit the library for a couple hours. 

lecture / lecture
Normally I'll have another afternoon lecture or seminar, if not I tend to use this time to work on any group work with my friends or meet up with my mentees. 

4:00/5:00pm - home
I normally finish uni at about 4 or 5 and then it's either the bus or a walk to get home. Living closer to the city centre in my final year is the best idea, being able to walk everywhere makes it so much easier and cheaper. 

5:30pm - Gym and Catch up with Flatmates 
At this point in my day I have a decision to make, to gym or not to gym. This year my gym is actually in my building and on the same floor as me so there's no excuses not to go. After that I normally crash on the sofas with my flat mates and we'll catch up on the day. 

6:30/7:00pm - Dinner
I love cooking at uni, it's one of the things I miss most when I'm at home. I pin loads of recipes but normally end up sticking to old favourites, I'll have a homemade Thai curry, or some kind of fish with veg or chicken and sweet potatoes. I'm really enjoying my 2017 fitness routine and I'm planning to write a couple of posts on my diet and exercise once I've been at it for longer.
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8:00pm/late - blogging/coursework/netflix 
After dinner is when I tend to get the most work done during my day, this will either be typing up a blog post or getting on with my coursework deadlines, but I'm sure you can all relate that sometimes Netflix is just far too tempting and I'll end up watching a couple episodes of whatever series I'm on. 

Bed for me can happen anytime between 10pm-2am depending on how much work I've got on and how tired I am. I try and get as much sleep as possible but I'm a self confessed night owl and I like cracking on with my projects.

So that's my day in a nutshell, depending on which modules I take I can be in uni anywhere between 2-4 days a week. On my day's off I like to go out with my flatmates, and do the bulk of my uni work.

Any of you still in uni? I'd love to know how you're finding this year, I'll be graduating in July and it seems to be coming round quicker and quicker.

Xoxo LER 

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