With 2016 coming to a close and the blog getting a much-needed makeover I've found new inspiration for posts. A few years ago I did a "year in review" style post and have loved reading it back, and since my blogging this year has been sporadic this is a great way to fill in the blanks of where all my time has gone this year. 2016 more than any other has felt like it's gone past at lightening speed.
I kicked off my January reasonably slowly, picking up part-time hours at Next and beginning work on my new university modules. Most of January was spent applying for summer internships. 

To celebrate our first anniversary the boyfriend and I spent an impromptu weekend in London, we found the most amazing hotel near Shoreditch called Qbic, great value and all the rooms are so quirky. Since the boyfriend had never been to London before I had the best time showing him all the sights. We followed our trip with a chilled valentines day at home.

March & April 
With Spring finally warming everything up my family and I spent most of March getting ready for our California trip.  We had the most amazing 3 part holiday, spending time in central LA, San Diego and possibly my favourite place in the whole world Huntingdon Beach. With great company, great food and great shopping it was the best trip. This was our second trip to LA and we got to do some different things from the usual tourist spots, I absolutely love California and cannot wait to get back there one day. *check out my LA photo diary here*

Coming down from the high of our amazing holiday I came back to uni and straight into exams and coursework deadlines, I had some really meaty topics this year and although baffled by the sheer amount of content I had to learn and produce I took through a first from the year including a 71% in my retail management presentation and a 91% in my Financial Metrics exam which was definitely the hardest module I've ever done, but oddly my best result so far. 
In June I started my internship as part of the marketing team at Forterra, the UK's leading building products manufacturer. During my first month I really developed a bond with the people I worked with and found my place within the department. In June I also took on a strict paleo diet in an attempt to lose some dreaded uni weight, I managed to lose 10lbs in just over 2 weeks and have kept it off ever since. I've definitely taken on a better attitude to eating since then but keeping to a strict food plan really helped kick my body into action.

As my younger sister finished for the summer my family and I took a long weekend away at DisneyLand Paris, Being a giant kid at heart and a die hard Disney fan we just had the best couple of days. I will always be a huge advocate that there is nowhere quite like a DisneyLand park. 

In the first week of August the whole family and I took a digital detox and took up camp in a house in Saint Emillion for a week. With only a rare flutter of wi fi and beautiful weather I honestly loved taking a step (or 5) away from my devices and social media. I read about 5 books, watched movies, swam and took more naps in 1 week than I have in the last year! 

September means it's time to finish up the internships and pack up ready to return to uni, this was wtwice as terrifying this year because this was my final year. I had the best time on my internship over  the summer, had so many opportunities to explore new areas of marketing and gain some valuable knowledge. 
After settling back into uni it was time for my 21st birthday celebrations! Since it was a big birthday my celebrations did stretch out over the course of 5 days (oops) but I had the best time with all my friends and family eating drinking and just having a good time. 

Looking back November seemed to go by so fast it's all a blur, I left my job as a womenswear manager at Next to focus on my studies, a huge decision to make but one I was thankful for as my workload kept increasing, definitely thanking myself for always saving my money.

December also has gone by so quickly, with so many deadlines for my university modules I've been trying to put in extra hours in the library, my little sister passed her driving test and I couldn't be prouder! Sadly in the early weeks of December my Great Grandma passed away, at the age of 104 she had the most incredible life and left us with so much love in our hearts and memories to cherish, Having such a small (but perfectly formed) family this has had a huge effect on all of us, especially with my university deadlines coming just days after the news December has been an emotional rollar-coaster to say the least. 
2016 has been a year of highs and lows, I worked hard and on reflection on this list played even harder, if there's anything to take from this year it's to always cherish the people you love and sometimes to take a moment to reflect on the memories you make. 2017 is going to be another fun but unpredictable year I'm sure, I graduate in the summer and will hopefully take on a marketing role somewhere new and exciting, my sister will be leaving for university and I'll probably still be blogging (fingers crossed) I hadn't felt happy with the design layout of the blog for a while and always felt discouraged from writing. With the beautiful new look I can't wait to start blogging more regularly in the new year, I'm planning on using the next 2 weeks  to pre-write some content for you all. If you've got any requests please do email me and let me know at theinterndiariesxo@gmail.com 

Wishing you and all your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and happy new year! 

Xoxo LER

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