My Day at Bletchley Park

So on Friday the 3rd of June my family and I decided to explore something a little closer to home than usual. We ventured to Bletchley Park, home of the world war 2 code breakers. For those of you who have seen the award winning Benedict Cumberbatch film "The Imitation Game"

If you aren't familiar with what Bletchley Park was used for here's a little history bit for you. In the second world war the Germans used an encryption machine called enigma to send messages all over the world, the English figured out that if we figured our their code we would be able to translate their messages and pre-empt their every move. So a special force of the countries greatest code breakers and mathematicians were assembled at Bletchley to crack the code. The hardest part being that the Germans changed their code at Midnight every day, thus giving the code breakers only 24 hours to crack the code before it changed and they would have to start all over again. Frustrating I know.

Alan Turing was one of the mathematicians who was working on the project built a machine that is known now to be the worlds first computer. He built a machine that would systematically check each letter of the message until it found a match. Very clever stuff. Eventually Turings bombe machine cracked the code and the British forces were able to track the Germans every move, essentially winning us the war.

Walking around the buildings it really did have a feel that you were walking with ghosts, the artifacts and the rooms themselves were so well preserved that you could picture all the hard work that happened there. I'd highly recommend it as a day out and the best part is once you've bought your ticket its free to go back all year! I will definitely go again, I think it's one of those places you'd learn something new every time.

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