If you're reading this you've probably decided to undergo an internship or you're starting to look into it. Personally I think as a young person an internship is one of the most fulfilling things to do. Whether it's for your CV or to learn new skills having valuable industry experience is what is going to set you apart from everyone else and really give you a leg up in terms of your career.
We've all seen the movies where the plucky awkward girl falls into a once in a lifetime intern position and magically transforms into the worlds greatest fashionista. I hate to burst any bubbles but that isn't always how it works, as much as Anne Hathaway would have you believe it so. 

Internships can be as competitive as full time graduate roles, especially if they're paid (which is a topic I'll cover another time). Although your school and university may encourage you to apply to huge corporate company's long term you need to think about the kind of company that best suits you. The working lifestyle as well as the content, there's no point studying fashion and interning at vogue but all you do for 3 months is analyse numbers. The job description has to fit you. 

There are tonnes of internships out there if you know where to look. The first place I start is job recruitment websites. Yep it's sometimes as simple as a good old fashioned Google search. Looking on websites such as , Rate My Placement and Milkround is a really good place to find the positions for those big corporate companies I was talking about earlier. Especially with Rate My Placement and Milkround they're specifically targeting students and graduates and depending on the time of year there will be a wide variety of roles available. 

If you're a student I highly recommend talking to your teachers, advisers and lecturers. They're there to teach you but they are also available to help to make the most of your university career. Make the most of their office hours by reaching out expressing your enthusiasm for an internship and if you're lucky they may have a contact their willing to share with you. 

I wrote a post a couple of years ago about the power behind asking the question and I'm still a firm believer of that today. If there's a company you're dying to work for but they aren't advertising for recruitment? Ask them! I've had interviews with some amazing companies off the back of a cold email or phone call. If you ask and you include and application worth their time then you never know you may be asked to meet with someone from the company and a face to face situation is much more advantageous to you. 

If any of you are actively looking for a placement and are still looking for opportunities then please feel free to contact me at 

Xoxo LER 

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