With Instagram being part of everyone's daily lives, we're bombarded with images of healthy eating. Constant reminders of what we should be eating, and would be eating if it weren't for the existence of kit-kats. We're all guilty of the same things, lusting after the super healthy lifestyles of insta-famous bloggers and wondering how they make it look so easy. I've made 5 small changes to my diet that have helped me become healthier and look after my body more, and I've noticed some surprising results.

1. Scrapping white carbs - More often than not white carbohydrates ,such as rice and bread, have been bleached to be that white. It's not good for you and it holds little to no nutritional value. Switching to brown or wholegrain *my personal favourite is granary bread, or a seeded loaf* will not only cut out unnecessary chemicals but it's going to fill you up for longer. Brown and wholemeal carbs are made of less refined grains, meaning your body isn't going to have such a hard time digesting it.  It's a little change that make a big difference. 

2. Go Clear - I'm a big tea and coffee drinker, I love the taste and I'll often go through 3/4 cups of something a day. Making the switch to herbal and green teas is going to completely cut your added sugar and milk intake. Herbal teas have slow releasing caffeine so you'l still get that mid afternoon energy kick but without all the added chemicals. Green tea specifically is great for debloating and it helps you concentrate better, it comes in a million different flavors. From traditional lemon and mint to more obscure flavors such as mango and salted caramel. I'd recommend next time you go to reach for a cup of coffee try something clearer next time, even something as simple as hot water with a slice of lemon is really going to help detox your body. 

3. Make your own - Cooking is time consuming and yes often expensive if not done right *my meal prepping post is here* but it's much better for you than eating out or buying pre-prepared meals. This way you know exactly what you're putting in your body as well as saving a lot of money. Taking pre-made lunches to uni is a much healthier alternative to buying something when you're there. Packaged sandwiches can be anything over 500 calories, made from home you can have the same sandwich for 300 not to mention, £3.50 less . Attempting your own take away is another way to save money and eat healthier, fancying a Chinese? grab a sachet of chow mein sauce from your local supermarket and make yourself a stir fry. 

4. Jawbone - I recently invested in a Jawbone UP2 bracelet. It tracks my sleep and my activity throughout the day. The app allows you to sync with your bracelet and track what you get up to. I've set myself goals for everyday, aiming to get 7 hours of sleep and walk 7500 steps. Just by walking you can improve your fitness and overall health, I've noticed a huge difference in my motivation, if I don't hit my step goal you'll find me doing laps of my house until I've done it.

5. Snack better - I'm a huge snacker and when I track my calories I find I waste so many on snacks that aren't giving my any benefit or even filling me up. As one of my resolutions and down to a handy offer from the lovely people at Graze, I've signed up to have 4 healthy protein filled snacks delivered to my door. Especially as they are all under 150 calories they are great for an anytime snack!

Any of these tips feel like they'd be helpful? Got some of your own? 
I'd love to hear them.

Xoxo LER

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