If you read my life update you'll know I'm back at uni and living in a student house. Student houses don't exactly get the best reputation however my housemates and I got lucky with our gorgeous house. When we looked round the all white interiors and tall open windows screamed Instagram potential (shameful I know but let's not pretend we don't all do it). When I moved all my things in I was loving my room. However after a couple weeks I started to notice how my setup just wasn't working for me. I didn't really have enough storage and now where nice to do my skincare/makeup which sounds vain but being able to look after yourself properly really does make a difference to your motivation. After a chat with my mum a IKEA a trip was declared.


Ikea is the bloggers haven, with affordable prices and nearly everything being made up of bright white surfaces it's easy to transform your space. The first thing we wanted to address was my dressing table/storage situation. Previously I'd been using a No7 vanity mirror and a tall drawer stack again from Ikea, but the storage wasn't very sturdy and the drawer were made of fabric so not the best for putting heavy things in. Our vision was a small chest of drawers and a mirror on top which if I stepped back enough could double as a full length mirror. We decided on the white malm 3 drawer unit which fit perfectly in the space and was just the right height to match my desk. I picked up some in-drawer storage so I could separate my makeup and skincare products. I chose a pale green colour because considering my entire room is white I thought I needed some colour in there somewhere. We also got a square framed mirror to sit on top and it works perfectly. 

We also added some storage into my wardrobe so I could have some more organisation. I split them into pajamas and casual lounge t shirts, shoes and boots (yes they do all fit in one basket) and then my overflow beauty stash which is mostly made up of Soap and Glory righteous butter *I confess I am a body butter hoarder* I have a small chest of drawers in the bottom of my wardrobe too which I keep thicker winter pajamas and onesies and various fancy dress in. (university essentials) 

I'll list below where everything is from, if I miss any just pop it in the comments and I'll get back to you.

Bed Linen - George at Asda
Unicorn - Universal Studios
Coat - Pull & Bear
Bag - Longchamp Le Pliage

Wooden "friend" frame - Next
Copper Geometric Frame - Primark
White Frame - Ikea

Chest of drawers - Malm @ Ikea
Mirror - Ikea
Acrylic Storage - I don't actually know but there are some simular on Amazon
Drawer Inserts - Ikea
Cotton Pad Holder - Amazon

Fake white peonies - Next
Murano Glass pen pot - Mdina Glass Malta
Copper Tray - Tiger
Copper & sign - Primark
Candle - Lovage London

White storage boxes - Ikea
Earl Grey Tea light holder - Primark
Jewellery box - Stackers
Cosmetic Mirror - No7 at Boots
Pink Magazine Holders - Tesco

I think that's covered everything, be sure to subscribe to my channel I'm planning to be posting much more in the lead up to Christmas. 

Xoxo LR


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