It's that time of year when everyone is returning to university, me included. Although I know for some of you this is the first time you'll have left home and been at university. I know from my experiences last year and what my friends are feeling, that it is a scary time and there are so many unknowns. From someone who has lived through year 1 I wanted to let you know that it's not that scary and share some of my experiences, hopefully putting your mind at ease.

1. Everyone is in the same boat -
You're not alone, remember when you start university that there are hundreds of other students just like you in your exact position. There will be plenty of support available through your university. Reach out to your housemates and course friends, you'll discover you're not the only one making the transition and trust me once you start reaching out making friends becomes so much easier. Be that friendly face and you'll be known for it, people will want to be friends with you.

2. You have to start somewhere  
When it comes to degree work you're bound to notice a step up from A-levels, and that's natural but you have to start somewhere. Build on your knowledge, do your reading and try and keep on top of your coursework. Go to your lectures. I know in first year there can be a tendency to skip a couple but for every lecture you miss you're likely to drop a couple of percent on your overall mark and when it comes to the end of the year that will add up. The work isn't scary, there are people on hand to help and loads of online resources. I'm planning a post all about online study resources.

3. You won't learn until you start
Societies are a great way to make friends and get involved. If you've never played badminton or not thrown a netball since year 8? Best way is just to jump right in, give something new a try. University is all about learning new skills and new things about yourself. There's nothing to lose but time and trust me in first year time is something you'll have plenty of.

4. Enjoy your freedom
For some people the idea of having so much freedom can be daunting, having to make adult decisions for yourself for the first time is a big step. However there's no need to grow up too fast, I definitely still turn to my parents for advice and I'm sure your parents will be thankful for keeping them involved. Enjoy your extra freedom, little things like cooking your own dinner and organizing your own commitments. Daunting but if you write everything down and keep on top of it there's no reason you can't stay productive and still have fun.

5. Home is never far away
It might feel so final when you move all yours things into halls but trust me, between a railcard and social media home is never far away. My mum and I snapchat each other all the time and I'm always going home for long weekends, harder if you live  far away from uni but remember your parents can always come and visit. If worst comes to worse it's only 10 weeks till Christmas break.

Anyone just started university?

Xoxo LER

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