Since it's been a while I thought I'd write a short little life update to let you all know what I've been up to lately. I know when I've done these kind of posts in the past they've always gone down well and I know I love when my favourite bloggers share some more personal content.

 So in September I finished my internship, moved back to university, went to a ball, started a new job and sadly between all that there was barely any time left to blog. I've got a full post planned about finishing my internship and what I learnt from the experience.

If you read my Microsoft Lumia review you'll know that my phone situation has changed recently. That's all down to my beautiful iPhone 6s. I have it in gold, I did initially think I'd like the rose gold but from looking at the pictures it was a little too pink for me. Personally rose gold is a bit more copper toned? However I'm obsessed with my new phone, it does everything *considering my old phone couldn't make phone calls* this is a massive upgrade! So thankful to my parents who ordered the phone for me, they also ordered one for my younger sister so we can FaceTime now that I'm back at uni, something I know is going to be so handy.

That links nicely on, I moved back to university two weeks ago and it has flown by! With first year safely under my belt I'm ready to tackle second year. New challenges going on this year, finding a placement and a much more intense condensed timetable. This year I'm not in halls I'm in a house with 7 other girls - yes that's right 8 girls total. So far I love it, the girls are lovely, the house is gorgeous and after a Mumma makeover on Friday, my room is looking so much more homely. There is also a post in the works about how I transformed my room. Still some minor tweaks to make but I'm so happy with it.

Adjusting to lectures again has been weird after leaving my internship but I have some really interesting modules this year that I'm excited to get into. On top of applying for placements it's going to be a busy year for sure.

So at the moment I'm just enjoying getting back into my life at university, spending time with my boyfriend and friends. I'm getting a couple shifts a week in at my part time job, which is going to make all the difference to my university experience this year and just enjoying life.

As for the blog, I have my eye on a new design but the deal I've made with myself is that if I can get back to posting regularly then I think it'll be worth the upgrade. Until then I'm enjoying the design I have. I'm hoping to start mixing up my content with some cooking and decor posts.

Stay Tuned for new content coming your way!

Xoxo LER 

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