Happy Sunday all, earlier this month I was contacted by the lovely people at Lumia voices to see if I'd like to review their new Microsoft Lumia device. Considering my phone situation at the time wasn't the best. (UPDATE - it's way way better now, life update to follow) I thought why not! So I spent the last 2 weeks of my internship testing out the new Lumia and I have to say I definitely put it through it's paces.

So a little on my personal phone history, since I was 15 I've been an avid iphone lover. Sadly back in January my beloved iphone 4s died a slow and painful death and since I've been using the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is a great phone but we never bonded properly. In the last week a shiny new love entered my life...more on that to follow. Now on to my review. 

If there's one reason to switch to a Microsoft phone it's the battery life, an important phone requirement for is how long it can keep up. As an intern my days were very full on, some days being 16 hours long and I needed to make sure I had a phone that would still be usable on my journey home. This did exactly that, I could use it all the way in to London, all day around the office and still have 70% battery on my way home. Amazing stuff. Puts my old phone to shame. Very efficient at holding battery life, although it does take a while to actually charge up in the first place. As long as you put it on overnight like I did then you'll be sure of a worthy companion that won't run out of charge till you do. 

At first I wasn't keen on the bright luminous orange colour but as the fortnight went on it definitely grew on me. The hard acrylic casing didn't need a case, and it felt sturdy in my hand. Heavier and slightly thicker than my previous phone *Samsung Galaxy S4* but it definitely felt like a sturdy and hard wearing piece of tech. When it's getting thrown in and out bags and pockets, on and off desks all day it needs to be tough and the new Lumia is definitely that. 

Being an on the go blogger having a good  quality camera is essential for maintaining my social media and blog content. Sadly this is one of the areas I found the phone fell short. The camera is a good 8 mpx and as you can see from the selfie below the pictures are nice and the quality is good. However I did struggle to get the best quality photos out of this camera. 

The only other downfall with this windows phone is the social media applications, there was a lack of snapchat *disaster* and the Instagram and twitter applications didn't have the easiest or slickest interface. This is something I struggled with, especially as I blog on the go. Although after doing some research I've learnt that improving the social applications is something the brand are looking at intensively. 

However the maps application on this phone is brilliant, really precise accurate directions that were much more reliable than either iphone or my samsung. Being in London I'll often be out and about on errands and having my maps app is an absolute essential for me. The Microsoft delivered on that and I was really impressed. 

The phone works on the same tiles interface as Microsoft computers which I actually really liked, it's completed customizable and is really quick to use. Overall a great device, some minor flaws which I have no doubt Microsoft will work out soon, but I really enjoyed using the phone. 

Xoxo LER

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