This summer as well as working has been about saving money for university and that has meant cutting back on the beauty shopping. It's been a good 3 months since I bought any makeup and that's done 2 amazing things. A) It's saved me a lot of money and B) it's forced me to actually go through my makeup hoard and use products up that I've normally pushed to one side. As you know I love a good full coverage matte foundation to give me that flawless base. Back in February I was in America just as Maybelline re-launched their Fit-Me foundation, which I loved the original of. This time round they split the finishes. The two were matte and poreless or fresh and dewy, no prizes for guessing which one which one I got.

Having delcared code red on my foundation situation but too cheap to go out and buy one (I know) I decided to give this a whirl. When I tried in originally I was on holiday so it was just far too pale for me. With my summer tan fading *cries* I figured it would be the perfect time to give it another whirl.

My first reaction when applying was good, it felt moisturizing and not too drying which is nice for a matte foundation. The consistency is thicker than a regular liquid foundation, almost gel like which made it easy to blend. I rarely use a primer so perhaps that has something to do with it but this struggled to blend into my skin, it seemed to sit on top like a film. It was still slightly too pale for me but with the aid of my Body Shop honey bronzer I warmed up my complexion as well as setting the foundation and I was off to work.

At lunch I went to check my face to find that disappointingly it has turned streaky and it looked as though whenever I touched my face my foundation simply wiped off. Definitely not idea when you're working 14 hour days. I like a foundation that can outlast me. This just didn't. The coverage was nice and did stay relatively matte on my skin all day but by the time I got home there was barely anything left on my face which is a tad disastrous.

So I'm sure you're not surprised to hear this has been pushed to the back of the drawer for now, I think potentially I'll try it again in the middle of winter when my skin is dryer and needs that extra moisture. For now though it's definitely not working for me.

Anyone else had any disappointing products recently? 

Xoxo LER 


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