Uni Shopping Guide

It's getting to the time of year when every retailer will be advertising back to school/university deals. When you're buying all your things for university it can be hard to know where to go to get the best value.Uni shopping is so much fun, buying all the essentials you're going to need to start your new life. I've got a full shopping list on the way so don't you worry if you're stuck about what to buy. When I did mine there were 3 clear winners on where to shop that delivered value for money as well as quality.

1. Ikea-  An obvious choice, this mecca for student shopping has everything you could need! I found this was the best place for all my kitchen things as well as blankets and pillows. Ikea quality is great for what you'll be needing it for and the price is as student friendly as the colour palette! I wouldn't recommend their bed linen or towels just because there are better places for that. However for kitchen utensils, cups and cutlery it's a one stop shop. I've also found Ikea is great for little homey pieces that will bring your room to life. Fake flowers and pencil pots galore. 

2. Next - That better choice for linens I was talking about? Definitely Next! Amazing quality and the prices are fair, it's not the cheapest place but if you want towels that won't be paper thin by Christmas then this is your best bet. They have loads of decorative bits for your room as well as great kitchen ware. I bought my plates from here and they still look good as new. I think it's important to not just find the cheapest things you can it's about finding things that will last and be practical when you're there (boring but true). That way you won't have to buy new every year, Which is seriously pricey. Buy cheap, buy twice is definitely true when it comes to shopping for university. 

3. Pound Land -  However there are some things that just aren't worth spending loads of money on, washing up liquid, bin bags and cleaning products are on this list. They have a great range of supplies and it's also worth looking at their long life food items like snacks and cereals. Great for tucking away in a box for a rainy day. I found some great stationary perfect for tucking away for when you need to study (that time does come) and tupperwear too great for storing leftovers. 

That's my first shopping guide, so although I know most of you won't know for sure where you'll be studying. It's fun to shop around and look at what you might need. I didn't do the bulk of my shopping until after results day, so there's still plenty of time. My complete university shopping listw will be up soon so stay tuned for that. 

Any requests on university themed posts let me know! 

Xoxo LE 

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