Holiday Beauty Essentials

I'm writing this from my sun lounger, is there a better place to write about holiday beauty essentials? Or anything for that matter?

Whilst it's fresh in my mind I wanted to share my top picks for holiday beauty, everything from makeup, skincare ,sun lotion and everything in between.

I like to strip my routine back when I'm away, especially on beach holidays, all that heat and product don't mix. For skincare I stick to a refreshing gel cleanser like this morning energy shine control wash from clean and clear (which I get from poundland) to get rid of all that sun lotion build up and oil.  This gives me a thorough clean whilst not being too drying on the skin. I've been using this morning and night whilst I'm away and it's worked wonderfully.

After a long day of tanning I like to make sure my skin is hydrated to replenish all the moisture the sun and chlorine has stripped away. My go to night cream is the soap and glory night and flight cream, this intensely moisturising cream isn't heavy or greasy which is perfect for hot climates. I put this on before bed and my skin the next morning feels soft and bouncy.

An underrated essential for me is Sudocrem. This is a wonder product it does just about everything. Great on sunburn, blisters, and a miracle on thigh rub. It can be used for everything and is great on acne too. A little of this goes a long way and it's a must have for any summer beauty bag. 

My favourite sun screen for this trip has been the Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze spf 20, this has a tanning agent in that isn't a fake tan but somehow it enhances your natural tan and makes your tan more even and last longer too apparently. Some kind of sun protection is absolutely essential when you're planning to be out in the heat. It's so important to look after your skin in the summer.

In the evenings for dinner I tend to keep my beauty regime very basic but I always like to style my hair, the volume and bounce spray from Charles Worthington is amazing! It gives my beach made waves some definition and loads of volume and helps them last all day all whilst giving a little bit of hold. Plus it smells incredible, this smells like a summer holiday smell and it lingers in your hair too which I love.

My perfume pick for my holiday this year is the ghost deep night fragrance. It's quite a musky scent that's so night time appropriate, adds a finishing touch to my summer evening look. I don't wear many products so a scent for dressing up in the evening is an essential.

Xoxo LE

*disclosure - I was sent the Sudocrem, all opinions are my own*

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