Summer time brings the chance for us to show a little more skin that usual and I love to keep my skin healthy looking by giving it a subtle glow. Soft and moisturized skin is a summer essential in my eyes and I've got a few simple products that I've been using to get me that beach ready body. 

I like to start by developing a solid shower routine, I like to dry brush my skin 3/4 times a week using my Sanctuary Spa body brush. There's tonnes of benefits to dry brushing but I do it because it really is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells and it promotes circulation which is good for reducing cellulite, promoting blood circulation which gives your skin a better glow. It's recommend that you always brush towards your heart it long strokes instead of circular motions. This does make my skin tingle but it's so soft after I can't get enough. Plus getting a really good exfoliation reduces the time between shaves. 

Talking of shaving, I've been loving the Gilette Venus Embrace razor (currently on offer) that has the built in shave gel bars, I find this razor really hugs my skin and I get a much closer shave. When it's summer especially I don't want to spend a million hours in the shower shaving my legs, so my routine is always dry brush - shave - dry brush again and then shave again. Dry brushing after shaving gets all the extra dead skin cells off and means that you'll get an even closer shave and it will last longer. I'm all about it! 

For shaving I always use some kind of gel or creme to shave with, just to avoid any cuts or nicks. My absolute holy grail is the Soap and Glory Whipped Clean shower moisturizer. I did a post on it in January. It gives you the softest skin even when not shaving but a lather this all over my legs and then shave on top and I get the silkiest legs after, I don't even need to use a lotion after which is perfect if I'm in a hurry. 

However if I do have time I'll use the Dove Summer Body gradual tanning lotion in light to medium. This is so gradual that it's virtually impossible to get it wrong, streak free blotch free tan that slowly builds. By no means is this  going to give you a really dark tan but I've found that after using it pretty much daily for the last month or two that I've got a really subtle sun kissed glow which is exactly what I'm after. Something so I  don't look winter white ready for my holiday. 

It might sound like a lot but this is a really low maintenance and quick routine, I do this every time I shower and it keeps my body looking glowing healthy and smooth. I can throw on my shorts or sundress without having to worry.

How are you preparing for summer?

Xoxo LE 

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