Book Review - We were liars

Another book review today, if you read my post yesterday you'll know how much I've been reading recently. So thought I'd share my thoughts on this title because quite frankly it's too good not too share. You need to read this book. It has everything! It's like gossip girl - scandal-esque with a lot of surprises thrown in.

What first hooked me in was the setting, fabulous Hamptons summer homes. With big wrap around porches, surrounded by trees with the beach at every corner. Perfection. Sounds like the summer from heaven. However there's a secondary narrative that gives the book such a fresh twist. I won't say anymore but if you're a Shakespeare fan then you're in for a treat. The two narratives blend so seamlessly by the end, it takes a good beach read and makes it incredible.

The characters will make you fall into an adolescent summer, I found myself immersed into their world as the years went past, as a reader you grow with them.

Memory loss is something often touched on in books, but never have a read a more realistic representation. The pain is felt through the page and you feel her frustration and you put the pieces back together with her. In the end what you're left with is something so heart breaking you'll be desperate to talk to someone about it when you're done.

This review was so hard to write because the beauty is in the details with this book and I desperately don't want to spoil anything for you. Go and read it for yourselves and you'll see what I mean.
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