If you're a regular reader then you'll know I'm not majorly into fashion or clothing, however this spring and summer I've been pushing myself to try some new things and amplify my look. No new season is complete without a trip to the mecca of all bargain fashion - Primark. 

I only picked up a couple things because I ended up taking most of the things I bought back! However I've got a couple bits that I thought might interest you and it's given my summer wardrobe a teeny facelift. 

breton cropped t shirt - I love this it's definitely turning into one of my summer staples, a soft cotton high necked tee. It's a ribbed effect t shirt that's ever so slightly cropped, I'm not a fan of crop tops but this is so wearable, and looks really nice with my high waisted jeans and a cardigan thrown on for good measure. This was only £5 - bargain 

lizard print cross over sandals - Ok so a bit out there and I wasn't exactly sure what I'd wear these with but I couldn't resist. Something about them just screamed summer and I was all over them. However something that did surprise me is the comfort. Amazing, these aren't leather but they feel like the softest leather-ette material. So comfortable, these are going to be gorgeous for my holiday next month! For only £4 I can afford to only wear these with certain outfits.

Black cat eye wayfarer glasses - so these sunglasses are another thing that caught my eye, they are huge, they are slightly cat eyed but also have a wayfarer style about them. I thought they'd be a nice alternative to my aviators when I'm dressing up a bit. I love sunglasses and I went through a phase of buying so many pairs! however recently I only have 1 pair so who knows where they've all gone! I always turn to primark for sunglasses because they are really inexpensive so I don't have to worry if I break them. These particular shades were only £1.50. A steal in my eyes. 

So there you go! A couple of inexpensive ways to update your wardrobe with Primark. 

Xoxo TW 

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