I don't know about you but I'm a major product junkie and when there's a new release I have my eye on you can bet I'm going to part with my cold hard cash to get my hands on it. However as I'm sure most beauty girls are far too aware...this adds up. So I like to shop around and use store cards for discount/loyalty points and try and maximize the value of my purchase. Today I'm summing up some of the best loyalty cards on the high street.

In every beauty girls wallet you're bound to find one of these.  you hand over your card every time you shop and receive points. Boots is the most generous on the high street with points you get 4 points to every £1 you spend and 1 point = 1p to spend in store. The only catch is that you have to be able to cover your entire purchase with points before you can use them, but they soon add up. Also when you do use your card regularly, Boots sends you points coupons through the post, for example 150 points when you spend £15 in store. When I worked for Boots I really worked those deals and ended up with nearly £30 worth of points on my card which I'm still working my way through! Although Boots can be slightly pricier than other high street beauty stockists, the points card really does make it worth it.

I'm currently the resident cosmetics expert at my local Superdrug and I've learnt so much about their Health and beauty card from working in store. Although the points you receive aren't as high, you get 1 point per £1, there are a long list of other benefits. For starters as soon as you've earnt £1 worth of points you can spend them against any purchase. (When you register your card you get a voucher worth 100 points automatically) This is  great for getting a little discount off those purchases. There are also lots of other rewards that come with this card,
birthday offers sent to your through the post
exclusive discounts in store such as 10% off foundation for card holders
free standard delivery online
Personally I see it being worth it just for the free delivery! Getting £2.99 worth of free shipping just for signing up to a card is a great incentive.

Body Shop 
Potentially my faveourite beauty card is the Body Shop "love your body" card. It's £5 for the membership or free if you're a student (fab deal! all students should get this!) It's valid for 10% off all purchases in store all year round. On your 4th purchase you get a £5 voucher to spend in store and on your 8th purchase you get £10! Which adds up as being the best value beauty card of them all. I especially love the birthday gift, £5 off any item in store. Last year I managed to pick up my beloved honey bronzer for just £7! A very happy birthday indeed. As well as getting invitations to exclusive events in store and online. Overall a great money saving weapon to have in your purse.

What discounts do you use? How do you get your beauty fix on a budget?

Xoxo TW

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