This blog is a little bit of everything, it's beauty and fashion and all the bits of life that happen in between. Today I want to update you on those little bits of life. 

I finished my first year of university just over 2 months ago and since then I've been at home and I've been working lots trying to earn as much money for my savings as possible. For the last 2 months I've been working at Superdrug as the Cosmetic Expert and Next as a home sales assistant, combined I've been working 30-40 hours a week. Needless to say I'm very tired but I've managed to tuck away some money for uni next year so very worth it. I've got a post planned all about balancing two jobs. 

However for the more exciting bit of news, I'm now no longer in retail (hurrah) because I'm going to be working for an entertainment marketing agency in London. Very exciting, I'm going to be on their accounts team for the next 3 months. I'll be commuting to London everyday so lots of long days and adventures to be had this summer. This particular agency work with mostly film studios and theater companies, which is perfect for me. It's right up my street, I feel very privileged to have received this opportunity. Some of you had already guessed from the change in the blogs name, I've evolved from The Teenage Workaholic to The Intern Diaries. I'm going to be focusing a lot on more career and study focused posts as well as having the usual beauty and fashion posts. 

Boyfriend workaholic and I are still as good as ever, he's also found himself a work placement in his chosen industry this summer (clever thing) and our weekends will probably be spent on a bus visiting each other. Missing him like crazy but we've found our own weird ways of making it work. I'm planning a post to follow all about how to make a long distance relationship easier. In reality he's not THAT far away but as far as I'm concerned he might as well be on the moon when I can't see him everyday. 

You might have noticed the blog has had a few changes recently, one obviously being the name change that I spoke about earlier. Another is the design, I absolutely love it! I think it's so much more professional looking. I can get all my widgets out without the site looking messy. I've also got into a regular blogging routine now, posts go up every other day. It works for me because blogging every day is a big commitment that right now I don't have the time to stick to and setting specific days makes everything feel a bit too structured. At the moment every other day is working well for me and I hope you're enjoying more regular content. The next exciting step for the blog is that I'm looking into having my own domain name and getting rid of the .blogspot that I've had since day 1! Very exciting stuff. That's something I hope to get sorted before I start my job next month. 

So that's everything. I love writing these little catch ups and telling you all about what's going on. 
I'd love you to comment and tell me one exciting thing you've got going on right now! 
Or tweet me! @Teenworkaholic and let me know. 

Xoxo TW ... from now on I'll be signing off as LE x

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