Recently I've found myself picking up little bits and pieces here and there and when I actually put it all together I accumulated quite a bit!  
My shop of choice this time was Superdrug with some amazing deals and a huge range of own brand products (all of them completely animal friendly too!) I decided to try out some of their own brand bits and pick up some old faves aswell.
I've felt in a bit of a funk at the mo with my skincare, my skin is looking clear and feeling well moisturised but I'm just not getting the same glow I used to. So I picked up the Clearasil Superfruits refreshing pads, I actually found these in poundland! (bargain). These little pads are gently exfoliating and work really well at removing excess oil and dirt. I picked these up with my morning skincare routine in mind, thought it might help me speed up my skincare. 

Now that my skin is settling down and  I'm not so prone to breakouts I've been wanting to expand, add in an eye cream or a serum. Lucky for me Superdrug had me covered. I picked up from their Vitamin E range a basic moisturising eye cream (which isn't available online) which was only £1.99, I was very conscious that I didn't want anything anti ageing because I'm still young and my eye area is particularly sensitive still. This has really effective moisturising qualities and definitely has reduced puffiness, as for my dark circles...the battle continues. Overall though I really like this as an eye cream and I'm hoping with a bit of time I'll see some good results. From the Superdug Clearly Youthful range I picked up the hydrating day serum at £3.49 This range combines gentle anti-ageing ingredients with anti-blemish ingredients. I think this is a really interesting concept, to be completely honest I was just looking for a serum to add a moisture punch to my skin and so far that's exactly what this is doing. I've been using this at night after my toner and before my night cream and I can already feel the difference in my skin from just a weeks use. 
Whilst looking at the Vitamin E range I decided I wanted to try their Micellar water which is currently on offer for £1.99 as it was a lot cheaper than my usual garnier and you got a lot for your money. I was not let down and this is just as good as it's competitors, personally I like it better because it smells so good. 
Another skin care item I picked up was the Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing oil another item on offer and coming in at £1.99, I usually use a gel formula to remove my face makeup and wondered if this would be an even more moisturizing option. It has two layers of oil and the way I use it is that I shake it to mix the layers pour a small amount in my palm and then massage it into my face. When I add water I find my makeup really dissolves and my face is left really clean feeling but not stripped or dry. 

My goal is to simplify my routine with lighter and better quality products just to make everything a bit quicker. I recently had a big chunk of my hair cut off and now that it's feeling lighter and healthier I'm determined to keep it that way. Something I used a couple months ago but never repurchased (god knows why) is the Schwartzkopf essense ultime omega repair mask which again was on offer for £1.99 an absolute bargain because this is normally over £5! This is some seriously good stuff, it's intended to be a mask but I've been using it as a regular conditioner and loving it. The last two bits I picked up where the Superdrug Deep action oil absorbing sheets for only £1.76, this little book of magic is fast becoming my best friend. You just pull one off and blot away at any excess oil (a saviour on long days). Lastly I've found a dupe for the clarins lip perfector balms, the MUA sheer shine balms are gorgeous! For only £2 I picked up this one in peach because it looks really natural on the lips and bright for Summer. Very inexpensive but feels gorgeous on your lips. 

So there's my haul! Any bits catch your eye? 

Xoxo TW 

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