University Myths Debunked

As my first year of university is coming to an end *cries* and with many of you planning to head off to campus in September. I thought I'd debunk a couple myths about university that I would have loved to know before I went. 

1. You'll live off Asda value Supernoodles

 There's a stigma, with students living off noodles and rubbish food and yes if that's what you want to do then go for it, but it's not necessary. Especially if you meal share with someone else it's easy to afford to make good healthy meals every night. If you're cooking on your own then meal planning is the best way to be cost effective with your money. I can easily feed myself good meals for £15-20 a week, £10-12 if I'm meal sharing. All about buying healthier options and only cooking what you'll eat. The majority of students I know don't live off rubbish all the time.

2. You'll never make any friends 

One of the biggest fears people have before going to university is that they won't make friends. I worried about this too, but now at the end of my first year I can promise you that if you approach uni with a smile and a no judgement policy then you'll be more than fine. Never in your life are you going to be meeting this many people this fast ,that have such a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and personalities. It's all about searching for those people you get on with best, and trust me over time that naturally happens. My only piece of advice is to remember everyone is looking for new friends so just be welcoming, be friendly and just enjoy meeting all these new people.

3. Everything revolves around alcohol 

True, the stereotypical image of student life is surrounded by a vodka tinted bubble but if that's not your scene then don't let it be. You'll be surprised that the attitude towards alcohol is quite chilled, no one really seems too bothered by what or how much each other are drinking. I wasn't a big drinker before I went to university so I was worried that I'd feel left out or embarrass myself because I couldn't keep up or that I didn't know what I was doing. However I found that like always everyone was in the same boat and that it wasn't a big deal. Yeah there's more opportunity to drink and lots of people will take that, doesn't mean you have to if you don't want and no ones going to judge you for it. 

4. You'll gain weight 

With all the new freedom there's no one there to check you're eating balanced meals and exercising, so odds are you're going to have a couple too many cheat meals and gain weight. This even has it's own name called the "freshmen 15" the idea that everyone gains 15 pounds in their first year at uni. For me this was definitely true and like the meme says, you can't just lose it like that. It's all about the kind of lifestyle you build for yourself and how you look after your body. Obviously if you're drinking that's going to effect it but are you eating fruit and veg? drinking water? getting any exercise? If you want to lose weight at uni or even just maintain the kind of lifestyle you had at home, only you can do that. By preparing meals and buying fresh food you'll give yourself more energy and you'll be getting more of the good stuff your body needs, making that library all night-er a little easier. 

5. You don't have to work hard 
Ok so don't get me wrong first year of degree is not as hard as final year or even A level (personal opinion) but that doesn't mean you can skip lectures or not hand in assignments ( you are still paying a years worth of tuition). Although you might not spend all night every night in the library studying you do still have to find that balance and make sure you're still going to lectures because you can fail first year and that's your uni experience over.  It's important to remember you signed up for a degree, the student lifestyle is just a perk.

So there you go! 5 student myths busted, hopefully that's helped some of you preparing for uni feel slightly less stressed and also given you an insight into what to expect? I'll be writing more about my first year really soon.


Xoxo TW

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  1. Great post - I actually lost weight when I started university (though it piled on during second year exams!) x

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