It's no secret that shopping in America in amazing and with the dollar rate being pretty good at the minute making it even better it would be hard not too, I did have a naughty splurge when I was away and bought quite a bit. Far too much for just one post so I'm splitting it up, today we are looking at clothes! 

I didn't go to many shops mostly just Hollister and Forever 21, but boy did I get some bargains!! 

Lets start with Hollister ....

 Shake it Off t shirt - $8.99 / £5.80

 Aztec Knitted Vest - $8.99 / £5.80

 Grey Sweatshirt - $10.99 /£7.11

 Maxi Dress - $10.99 / £7.11

 White thin knit cropped hoodie - $8.99 / £5.80

Grey thin knit jumper - $8.99 / £5.80 

Ryan High Rise Jean - $25 a piece / £16 

and I took a quick stop into Forever 21 and picked up a couple tops too ...

Cream Drape top - $12.99 / £7

Blue Lace Open Back top - $19 / £12 

So that's all the clothes I bought on holiday ... stay tuned for later this week to see all the beauty products and other bits and pieces. 

Xoxo TW 

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