Carrying on the Holiday diary thought I'd include a food diary of sorts, there were some real food gems! 

Take Out - Chick Fil A 
What to order - the classic nuggets with waffle fries and a diet lemonade 
Why? - the nuggets aren't nuggets they are actual chicken breast and it tastes like proper food on the go which in my families opinion is what take out should be. The waffle fries are made from actual skin on potatoes and are heaven whilst not being as guilty as McDonalds, the two don't even compare. A must have if you're looking for a budget meal option in the states. 

Sit Down - Chillis
What to order - the bottomless chips, quesadilla explosion salad and bottomless strawberry lemonade

Why? - The chips are a great starter to share at under $4 a great wallet friendly option too, they are warm and freshly made I promise they will be a crowd favourite. What I ordered was the quesadilla explosion salad, with a hot cheese quesadilla round the sides and a massive grilled chicken salad, this is a box up and take home the leftovers dish. I dare anyone to finish it, absolutely delicious but don't be fooled by its name this isn't the healthiest option. Chilli's is a sports bar type environment that's perfect for adults and families, they're at table billing system means that you don't ever have to wait around for your bill it's quick and simpler than ever. The Strawberry lemonade is lethal, with freshly blended strawberries through it its so refreshing I promise you'll be thankful it's bottomless. 

The theme park option - popcorn 
What to order - the disneyworld souvenir tub 
Why? - At only $5 this is a great snack option when you're in the parks, and you get to keep the bucket which doubles as a souvenir, take it home and use it for storing anything and everything. Disney Worlds popcorn recipe is coveted world wide and how they achieve that perfect salty/buttery taste no one will ever know, but I'll keep this one short and sweet, its tasty its delicious and is best served with some disney fireworks and good company. A personal family faveourite. 
P.S Keep an eye on the popcorn vendors at park closing time because all the clean popcorn gets put in for compost not thrown away, so if you're cheeky enough to ask you can get a free refill to eat on the journey home like we did! After a long day in the park its a great midnight snack. 

So that's it for my USA food diary, bare in mind eating food in the parks is not always the most cost or nutritionally effective option. So why not take a stop to a local supermarket to pick up some essentials. 
P.S The lemonade I'm talking about isn't anything like the schweppes we get here in the UK, american minute maid lemonade it still and sweet with a high percentage of lemon juice, perfectly refreshing, I recommend anyone to try it! 

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