We all do it, as women we are so critical of each other, our success' our failures the way we walk, talk, dress. Occasionally you'll see a woman who in your opinion has just got it right. For me, that's a career woman, someone who carries herself with poise and respect, is classic and elegant but it completely on the ball, think Olivia Pope (scandal).

Now I always looked up to women like this with awe and admiration hoping one day to be one myself, and although I'm not there yet I've found a perfume that makes me feel like I have.
In one small bottle, it makes me feel powerful, confident and like I this air around me that I can do anything. It makes me stand a little taller and smile a little bigger.
That's the power of Jo Malone.
For over a year now, ever since it's release Jo Malone peony and blush suede has captivated me, every time I pass the concession I have to stop and take yet another sample.

It's described as "The essence of charm.  Peonies in voluptuous bloom, exquisitely fragile.  Flirtatious with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower.  Mingling with the sensuality of soft, blush suede.  Luxurious and seductive."
This Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a bottle from my parents, very unexpected but I was so thrilled to finally be able to use it everyday and treasure it.

Xoxo TW

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