Workout Wednesday - an update

Along with everyone else I'm doing the classic January health kick, for those of you who have been reading the blog for a while you'll remember Workout Wednesday.

Here's a little update on my fitness and diet routine. I've been focusing on eating really clean, lots of protein and veggies and all the carbohydrates I've been having have been wholewheat, it's generally a lot better for you. Some of my favourite meals have been chicken or some form of lean protein with tonnes of spring greens and another veg like asparagus as pictured above!
For exercise I've been loving the classes at my university gym. My current favourite being body pump, which is described as "Weight training class set to music, using barbells and weights. It will tone and strengthen your entire body and increase your fat burning potential." This class is no joke, it's intense 1 hour of weight lifting (which I didn't know when I signed up) focusing on your entire body. My mum passed on a little nugget of wisdom "the first time is always the hardest" and it's true the first time I did body pump I watched the clock praying for it to be over and I'm not lying when I say I couldn't walk for about 3 days after!
Nevertheless I've done body pump twice since then and I can confirm it gets easier, in no way is it easy but it's more bearable! Stay tuned every week for more "Workout Wednesdays"
Xoxo TW
P.S i'm still doing follow for follow on all my social media for the month of Jan. 

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