What I got in my stocking - Latest in Beauty Cracker Review

As today is new years day I'm sure its not just my family that are packing all the Christmas decorations away and finally finding a home for your presents. As I was emptying my stocking I found the packaging for something I haven't mentioned before that seriously needs some credit...

Latest in Beauty is a website that releases all the new launches in the beauty industry, they also sell  all the latest beauty boxes too. In my stocking I found the latest in beauty Christmas cracker! I'd seen these online before  but was thrilled to find one in my own stocking!
Inside I found , a nail polish from Nailberry in a gorgeous pink colour, a clarifying face wash from urban-Veda which is specifically target skin that's exposed to city fumes since I'm living in Birmingham this is perfect! and lastly a powder puff.  
This was a really lovely highlight of my stocking and I'd recommend them for next year!
Xoxo TW

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