Rethinking the blog...

So far in 2015 my blog has really flourished and I've loved spending more time on it, however, I feel like my content has strayed from what I love, my posts aren't as good quality and the topics are very much beauty related.
When I first started the blog I intended it to be study focused and more lifestyle based with elements of beauty, and I feel like it's become the reverse.
So I'm rethinking the blog, I'm loving the design but I'm going to start writing posts that I really love, on topics I really care about and maybe I'll throw in some beauty posts for good measure. So bare with my whilst I play around with my content, try some things that work and some that don't.
I'm going to get back to blogging because I love blogging and not blogging because I want to gain readers. Instead of writing posts because I have to post something I'm going to post something because I feel I have to share it and it's something I want to share.
Thank you to everyone who's enjoyed reading my blog over the last couple weeks I'm hoping to get back to regularly posting soon.
Xoxo TW
P.S as promised im still doing follow for follow on all my social media for the whole month of Jan

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