My Travel Scrapbook

With my holiday coming up I've been digging out all my travel essentials and stumbled across my holiday scrapbook. So a couple years ago my parents bought me this amazing sketchbook with blank pages in. At first I didn't have a clue what to use it for, then when I was going on holiday one year I decided to take it with me along with a Pritt stick and a coloured pen or two. What happened wasn't really planned but I love it and it's become a regular holiday thing.
I use it to stick in all the little bits from holidays that end up at the bottom of a bag and forgotten, it's a little random and to anyone else it's completely pointless but I love it. So here's a sneak peak inside.

Photo at the end is some bits and pieces I still need to stick in and caption, but you get the idea!

Hope you like this idea :) feel free to leave me ideas below of what to do with the scrapbook!

Xoxo TW

P.S I'm doing follow for follow an ALL social media for the entire month of January!

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