My HD brows makeover!!

My mum has fabulous eyebrows. You can't deny it they always look amazing and leave me with BIG eyebrow envy! For the last couple years she's been getting HD brows done at Dermaspa UK the home of HD brows. Think of any celebrity you like with good eyebrows and there's a very good chance they are HD brows from Dermaspa UK.
I took a visit today to go and get a much needed brow makeover and I wanted to share my experience. First of all Dermaspa has to be one of the most serene and luxurious feeling places I've ever been to, every single person who works there is full of enthusiasm and makes it feel so relaxing, it's easy to see why it's so popular.
HD Brows is a several step process starting with tinting and then waxing, threading and plucking until you have that gorgeous HD brows look. I've never ever been good at doing my own brows and when I look at the before pictures now I cringe! However my brows look the best they ever have done and I couldn't be happier.
So here's my before and afters.
(please excuse the quality and lighting in these photos had to take them on my iPhone)

So as you can although I had an ok natural shape there was no definition to my brows and they were just ok. Definitely nothing compared to the afters...
Such a transformation! my brows have such a nice shape now and they have a clear arch which I love! The colour is a bit dark but that will fade, I can't get over how clean they look. Hopefully now I can keep up the maintenance myself but they frame my face so much better and makes my eyes look brighter!
Overall could not recommend HD brows enough! We all know how important eyebrows are and having them done by the best is worth it :)
Check out the website - to find your nearest HD brows technician!
Xoxo TW
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