Meal Planning on a Student Budget

Since starting university in September I've had to start cooking for myself and obviously that means food shopping too. An amazing way to keep the cost down is to meal plan, so today I'm going to show you how I meal plan and how I cook a weeks worth of meals on a student budget.
My first stop is always Pinterest, this is where I find the best recipes and new ideas.
 Find my board here.

Using this little Emma Bridgewater weekly planner I write out what I'm going to have each day and from that I write my shopping list.

This next step is why I think I save so much money, I use to "pre-shop".
This helps me to know what's on offer and how much each meal will cost. The website has an app too which I bring with me to the shops so I can make sure I'm getting the right things.

 My normal budget is £15 a week for food which I find is just enough, I always have nice meals but I find if I buy more it just ends up getting thrown out.
So there you go that's how I meal plan. A great way to make sure I'm eating healthy and to save money too!
Xoxo TW
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