Lush Christmas Goodies

So my mum had a lush Christmas gift set and had some bits she was nice enough to pass onto me, so I thought I'd do a little haul/review of the set.
The gorgeous packaging is so cute! love the festive colours.
The products were wrapped in this adorable Christmas scene fabric, this is such a nicer way of packaging a gift like this because it's something they'll actually use again and won't get thrown away.

Inside there is...
Ro's body conditioner
Almond and Coconut shower smoothie
some snowcake soap
and two massage bars
King of Skin body butter (the round one)
Therapy Massage Bar (oval shaped one)
I think this makes such a lovely gift and I can't to take this back to university with me and have a pamper! I'm especially excited to try the body conditioner!
What new products from Lush have you wanted to try?
Xoxo TW
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