A Lightbulb Moment

Flashbalms were a massive beauty craze in 2014, it seemed like everyone was bringing one out! Well I got one for my birthday this year from Elemis and after using it for 2 months I decided a review was in order.
I first used this the morning after my birthday, and as you can imagine of any 19 year old first year university student the night before was pretty alcohol filled so I wasn't exactly looking my best.
So to my surprise I smoothed this balm on my face and I looked like I'd had a full nights sleep and a facial all in one! It made my skin really nice and glowy.

It's a cream consistency that feels nice on the skin and as it sinks in it  gets a little tacky I've found however once its under makeup its neither oily or greasy. There's no real smell to the product as can be expected and it is long lasting I've still got at least half left and I've used it every morning since October 31st. Overall a nice product for a glowy everyday complexion.

Xoxo TW

P.S I'm doing a follow for follow on ALL social media for the whole month of January!

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