Welcoming 2015!

It's official 2014 is over and 2015 is here, got to love the new year everyone's still excited from Christmas and ready to give the new year a bit of welly!

2014 was a good year but I feel like it wasn't my best, towards the end of the year I was counting the days away to Christmas instead of actually using that time to do myself some good!
2015 is going to be a good year I'm completely determined to make it that! For starters I'm doing a lot of travelling the first part of 2015,going to Florida-Lanzarote and then Malta in the space of 6 months! So expect lots of holiday photos and travel prep posts! After looking over this years resolutions and realising I'd not achieved a single one of them I made a decision that this years resolutions have to be things that are not only achievable but also worth achieving! So I've come up with a few things that I think are good resolutions!

Do not open everything.

I mean this in two ways, one is referring to beauty products which regardless of if I've got 3 mascaras on the go already if I buy a new one I will open it straight away and that ruins the product because its dries out faster. I'm also talking about opening projects, last year I had all good intentions to d a million different things but none of them got done, so by not opening all those different projects at once and focusing on one or two things I'd actually get some done? and I wouldn't constantly be buying mascara.

The grass is greener where you water it

This applies to a lot of things but this year I want to focus on working hard on the things that matter because that's the only way I'll succeed at them and things will be successful! This blog is a very good example of that, the only way it will be successful is if I work hard at it and put in the time into making it successful, this also applies to my studies and to my relationships with my friends and family.
Like I said I'm going to overdo it on the resolutions this year but again I wanted to say thank you everyone who reads my posts.
Happy New Year!!
Xoxo TW

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