Signature Scents

Perfume is such a personal expression, it's something most women wear everyday and by choosing their scent they're saying something about themselves. When I think of the women in my life I can associate each one of them with their scent.

My great grandma has always worn Calvin Klein Eternity, I only found this out a couple years ago. Interestingly enough during my time at Boots, I often worked Sundays on the fragrance counter. I remember one Sunday, I was assisting a customer and they asked to sample Calvin Klein Eternity, funnily enough when I sampled the fragrance I recognised it, it took me a few minutes to put the two together and actually took the scent home that day on a test paper. My mum confirmed that night that it was the same scent my great grandma always wore.
Although more recently my mum wears Miss Dior, to me I'll always associate her with Cristalle by Chanel. It reminds me of when I was a lot younger, watching mum getting ready to go out and when she was about to leave I'd ask for a "smurf" or spray as I'd call it now of her perfume. That's probably the most distinct scent to me that I associate with her. It still smells as special to me now as it did when I was very young. I just love it.
Only in the last couple years I've started wearing perfume properly and I've bounced around a few, some of my favourites being DKNY golden delicious that I still wear and Hugo Boss Nuit which I got for Christmas last year and I LOVED that, however a little pricey to repurchase for myself. With my trip to the USA coming up and the dollar exchange rate in my favour I've been thinking about a signature scent for myself.
Xoxo TW

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