Skincare Routine

Recently given the change in weather my skin has been not great, breakouts redness and unexplained bumps.. it's not been fun. So I've stripped down my skincare routine recently and thought it might be helpful to share it.

I've gone back to basics, cleanse - tone - moisturise. Simple but effective as I've already started noticing a difference after just a couple days, here are the products I use ...

I start by removing my face makeup for this I always use the melting gel cleanser from No7, a miracle product I discovered when I worked for boots. You don't add water but just rub the gel into your skin over your makeup and it begins to dissolve all makeup, then I add warm water and the gel turns into a milk consistency and I massage it into my face, this makes sure all my makeup has been broken down and dissolved. I won't lie it feels wierd on your face but once I've washed it off with cool water my skin feels clean and so soft! I've noticed a big difference since I started using this and I will never be without it. 

Then using the L'oreal micellular cleansing water on a cotton pad I remove stubborn eye makeup and eyebrow makeup, this water is perfect for sensitive eyes and gets rid of waterproof mascara without any tugging. I place the pad on my eye, leave it to dissolve the product for about 10 seconds and then sweep down and the product comes with it. Another faveourite I'm already on my third bottle by it's so good I'll never use regular eye makeup remover again. (p.s it's currently on offer in tesco for only £2.50!) 

Now that all my makeup is removed I take a gel based foaming cleanser like the boots botanics one or this one from soap and glory, and I'll apply the cleanser to a wet face and scrub my face for a minimum of 60 seconds to get rid of all the dirt and oil. At this point I'd normally break out my Rio Sonic Cleanse system and use that to get a really deep clean but since my skin has been playing up and I'm being really sensitive with it I'm only using the sonic cleanse once a week maximum instead of every other day like I used to. 

Once I've washed the cleanser off my face and patted it dry with a towel, I move onto toner. This is a new toner I featured in my bargain makeup post, it's really gentle and has no harsh chemicals, and it's been doing wonders for my skin recently. Nothing special about the application here I take an exfoliating cotton pad (which has helped as a substitute for my sonic cleanse) and sweep the toner over my whole face and neck, focusing on the t zone and hairline. 

After I've let my skin soak in and dry from the toner I finish off my slathering my face and neck in the Nivea Daily essentials moisturising day cream, I know it's for day time but I also use this at night and it works brilliantly. If I remember I will also put on the hydrating eye gel from No7 which is nice, I haven't noticed a massive difference but it is lovely and cooling on tired eyes.

So that's my skincare routine for the moment, whilst my skin settles down and hopefully improves I'll stick to this for a couple more weeks and then start re-introducing my masks and scrubs that I love. 

What are your miracle products? 


Xoxo TW

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