Results Day Survival Kit

As I'm sure all you a level students are aware, results day is looming, and I know I've been reading article after article on how to prepare. I thought I'd share with you what I'll be bringing with me on that all important day. 

From top to bottom

  • backup phone charger- I can't recommend this enough if you go through clearing you will be spending a lot of time on your phone and the worst thing to happen is that you run out of charge! 
  • pick up a copy of the guardian on your way into results day it will have listings of all the clearing places available, it will be invaluable if you're going through clearing. 
  • nature valley bar - if nerves stop you from getting a proper breakfast then this will save you from rumbly tummies later in the morning. Plus a good hit of sugar will steady your nerves. 
  • Breakfast - before you leave make sure you have something carb-y in your stomach it will stop you getting hungry and mean you walk into school or college with a clear head. 
  • Water, staying hydrated will also mean you're on top form I personally like the energise vitamin water but any water will do the same job 
  • phone - thinking positive you are going to need this to tweet about how well you did, but you might also need it for clearing 
  • notebook and pen for taking note of what people say when you're on the phone, it's important to write down the time you called and the person you spoke to. 
  • Scruchie to pull back those locks when things get serious
  • laptop - I'm going to take my laptop and charger and leave it in the car, if school run out of computers it's not going to stop me from making my choices. 

So thats everything! Please tweet me what you're taking with you to results day! 

Xoxo TW

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