Results Day 2014 - brace yourselves

So the 14th of August is fast approaching and being the pessimist that I am wanted to make sure I'm completely ready just in case I'm not successful in getting into Aston.
I've done all my research and here's a few tips I've put together to help you prepare for results day. 
  1. Log onto UCAS track and remind yourself of what you've applied for and the offers you've been made. 
  2. Write a list (in order) of your non-negotiables, figure out what options you're going to give yourself if things don't work out. 
  3. Look at what universities you might like to go to if you have to be placed through clearing (which is nothing to be ashamed of, last year 60% of undergraduates secured their place through clearing) Some universities have already started advertising their courses with spaces!
  4. Call those universities and ask them what their procedure is with accomodation for students that secure their place through clearing. There would be nothing worse than getting a university place and then discovering they don't have enough room in halls for you!
  5. Make a game plan, have a plan written down of what you're going to do and who you're going to call if you don't get accepted to your first choice. It might seem silly but if you find yourself researching universities on results day you will be wasting time and the place you want will be gone and given to another student. Find your top 5 other options and have all their clearing contact information written down. 
  6. Look at all your options now, findng another university isn't the only way. You could resit your exams, defer a year and then go through clearing, or go another route altogether like apprenticeships or a job. Look at those options now so you don't feel confused and stressed come results day. 
  7. If you have any questions no matter how silly - PHONE UCAS! Their team is brilliant at answering questions and helping you prepare for results.
Good Luck ! 

Xoxo TW

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