Makeup Bargains

So recently I had a lucky afternoon and managed to pick up some absolute bargains! Just wanted to show you a way of finding some new makeup on the high street from well known brands without paying such high prices. 

Firstly I wandered into boots and because I used to work there I know to always check the clearance bin, so I did and sat there was a L'Oreal eyeshadow for only 40p! The only thing wrong with it was that the sponge applicator was missing and I never use those anyway. Love this colour is has a really nice glitter pay off and worked perfectly with my prom makeup. 

Next I went to poundland to get a drink, little did I know I'd come across a goldmine! They had items of rimmel makeup out of their packaging, they were just in sealed plastic bags instead, not all the colours were that great but I managed to find a couple bits that looks pretty good. Still unconvinced that they were only a pound I asked at the till if she'd check the price and both the items were only £1! Such a good deal for current collection makeup that is normally a lot more expensive.

I got the Apocolips lip laquer in a shocking red, a little out my comfort zone but a makeup bag staple, in boots it's in the £6-8 mark but I got it for just £1 a makeup risk I can afford to take!

Something I've been loving is this cream eyeshadow also from Rimmel and also only £1, since its summer the heat tends to reak havok on my makeup but this is amazing it stays put all day and is really easy to blend, makes creating a smokey summer eye look so much easier and quick too!

At the moment boots are running their No7 vouchers again, so  of course I picked up a couple bits.

With the -£5 skincare voucher I bought their fresh and hydrating toner, originally £8 I used my employee discount of 25% off making it £6 and then paired my discount with the -£5 voucher making it only £1 another super bargain!

The main reason I went to Boots in the first place was to get some new foundations, since I'd bought foundation and I could see an amazing deal I used my -£3 makeup voucher on foundation sponges from No7. The pair of sponges are normally £3.75 for 2 but with my discount they were £2.81 again using the voucher for another £3 off they were completely free! Thats the best kind of bargain in my opinion :)

What bargains have you found? Comment below or tweet me?

Xoxo TW

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