Back on the wagon

Some of you might rememeber workout wednesday's and you'll know that I love fitness and keeping healthy, but recently I've fallen off the wagon and it really doens't feel good. 
So since it's only just turned September I'm going to use the new month as a fresh start and get back into some old habits and get myself really healthy and ready for university. 
I figure by setting myself goals here it'll keep me accountable and I'll be writing a log that you can follow along with. 

At the end of this month so the 3rd of October I want to feel more energised and awake, on the whole I normally get 7-9 hours of sleep which is good but I'm just not feeling the energy that I should, which suggests it's my diet and
 exercise habits.

The only way to achieve a goal is to set manageable targets that can be achieved, when it comes to fitness being realistic with yourself is all important.

So here are my targets
  1. Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg everyday 
  2. Drink 2 litres of water everyday 
  3. Eat 3 solid meals a day - no snacking 
  4. put together a new toning circuit and do that 3 times a week (mon-weds-fri) 
  5. either run or cycle twice a week
  6. continue to get 7-9 hours sleep everynight 
These might seem like small things and no it's not a drastic health kick but over the course of a month it will make a difference and it's do-able. I'm a great believer in setting yourself achievable targets.

 Wish me luck!

Xoxo TW

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