Lush Tea Tree Toner Tab

For years I have loved the Lush tea tree toner, but since I was running low on cash I didn't want to repurchase another bottle @ £7 so I decided to buy the toner tab and make my own with the Lush toner tab which was only £1!
Since this worked so well I decided to share how I did it. 

The toner tab looks like a mini bath bomb disk and worked pretty much the same. At first it feels very chalky in your hands and doens't smell of anything. At first glance it's safe to say I wasn't very impressed. 

I then popped it into a mug of hot water and instantly it started bubbling and steaming. This is what the toner tabs are originally meant for, you're supposed to put them in hot water and steam your face over it (which I did) 

Once it's stopped bubbling and it's completely dissolved I took a teaspoon and stirred it up to make sure there were no bits, then let it cool. 

Once it had cool I poured it into my old lush toner bottle and it was just like the real thing except I saved £7 doing it this way!

Let me know if you try this method 

Xoxo TW 

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