Flashcard Storage

Back in March I made a good 30 revision cards for english and they were my pride and joy, I'd spent hours making them so they'd actually be useful! Anyway about a week later and some of my friends decided it would be funny (at the time I'm sure it was) to throw an open bottle of water into my bag, trashing my gorgeous flashcards in the process!

Anyway I knew I had to make them again but I didn't want them getting ruined, so I came up with an idea of storing them so they wouldn't get ruined or dog eared! 

Ta Da!This is just a simple photo album but the pockets are the perfect size for holding my flashcards! Needless to say this has worked like a charm and my lovely cards are still in mint condition, plus this is a really quick way of being able to flick through them when learning them! 
Let me know if you try this trick! 

Xoxo TW 


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