Life Update - university, heartbreak and summer plans

Haven't ever written a post like this before but I feel like I need to keep you all updated. 

The last few months have been crazy, I submitted my final university choices for next year, my choices were Aston University (AAB-BBB) or Birmingham City (BBC) I love both the uni's but would much prefer to get into Aston. However if I do end up going to Brimigham City I think I'll have to find alternative accomodation as the options there just don't seem safe enough for the amount of money you have to pay. Now I'm going through the process' of applying for accomodation and student finance, which makes it all seem scarily real! With only 2 exams and 2 weeks left to go, this time is super busy with revision as you can imagine.
About a week ago, my boyfriend and I split, there's no need for details here but it wasn't a painless breakup to say the least, hence why there weren't many posts over the last couple of weeks, I had to focus on that relationship and putting all my effort and time into giving it a last try, sadly it didn't work, and it just wasn't enough. I can't imagine there will be many posts up here over the next couple weeks either as I finish exams and I need to take some time to heal and get back to a happier place where I actually want to blog. For those who have been through a nasty breakup, you'll know the kind of pain I'm talking about. It's just that empty feeling that you don't have that person to rely on anymore and you're left with a big gap where they should be. Considering my ex and I were together on and off for roughly 4 years, you can imagine the kind of gap I'm feeling at the moment. 
With that gap comes another problem, until a week ago my summer was full of plans and things to look forward to, and about 80% of that has vanished overnight. So now I have an empty summer to fill with fun things, and I desperately need some fun things.
This weekend I'm having a long weekend at the seaside with my best friend, which I will be sure to blog about at somepoint. I'll be going to Wimbledon next month which I'm really looking forward to, along with a couple other events throughout the summer, so not an empty summer but I still need to make lots of plans with my closest friends to keep my mind occupied but I'm sure things will get better with time.
As a whim after the breakup I booked flights to visit a friend in South France the weekend I finish exams, which should be a well needed getaway! 

I hope to update here as much as I can but a couple weeks break will do me some good. 

Good Luck

Xoxo TW 

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