The Panic Button

For those of you in a similar situation, you'll understand when I say A levels are really really hard. I'm sure you can relate. You have that night when you just run out of steam and you think why am I doing this? You're tired and frustrated and nothing seems to be going your way. Essentially you've hit the panic button. 
That happened to me a few nights ago after burying by head in the sand for so long I knew I had to start making some final decisions on where I wanted to study next year. It was a horrible evening spent crying hysterically, giving myself a headache and essentially just throwing my toys out the pram. I didn't know if university was even right for me anymore? I wasn't excited like everyone else was and that made me feel like I was making the wrong decision. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who had had a night like that, the most important thing to do is to just remember it's a panic moment, it won't last. In the end I wasn't getting anywhere so I went to bed and I slept it off. Not ideal but it worked. At the end of the day you need to make choices for yourself that make you happy that will make you feel excited and motivated and sometimes it takes for you to hit that panic button to realise actually maybe the choices you were making aren't the right ones for you. When it comes to decisions like these you can't just follow the herd, you need to make your own path.

Xoxo TW

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