The courage to ask the question.

Being a career driven student it's hard not to imagine your ideal career, where you'll work, the kind of things you'd like to acheive. However it seems we've all fallen into the pattern set for us by our millennial role models, it seems more and more people just expect things to happen for them. That if they work hard and stay out of trouble that their dream job will land in their hands. 

In this economy it's never going to be that simple. 
You have to ask the question. 

I have a passion for the marketing industry, for the way it captures people's attention and defines an entire company. That's the industry I dream of working in. The only problem is I have absolutely no experience. So how did I, student with good intentions but no experience, find myself with an internship at the UK's best marketing department, 20th century fox? 
I simply asked the question. 

The marketing director at Fox is an alumni of my school, he came in to give a talk to the media students about the film industry. I knew he was coming in and and I knew this was an unmissable opportunity. So I walked into that session with a page full of questions and I made sure he knew my face in the crowd. At the end of the talk I approached him thanked him for his time and asked if I could come and work with him and get some experience. I had my CV updated and ready to hand over, and to my suprise he said yes! 
I'd asked the question. 

He said to email him in a couple days to arrange it. It actually turned out that 2 hours after we'd met. He emailed me. He pushed my internship because he said he recognised good qualities in me, all from that 5 minute discussion. 

What made me relish the opportunity so much more is that it was all mine! I'd gone out and done this myself, it wasn't because of my school or my parents. I'd made the decision,  thought what have I got to lose and I just did it. 

So next time you find yourself daydreaming about being a journalist at vogue or working for that dream company. Why not write an email and ask the question? As I found out, you never know what may come of it.

Xoxo TW


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