Primark Haul - April 2014

So on monday I took a trip to the big primark near where I live! It's two stories and has just about everything. With my holiday coming up I wanted to pick up a few little treats for that! 

So lets jump right into what I got, now my friend and I did a round of the shop, picking up everything that caught our eye and decided that we'd take it all to the changing room, hopefully wittling it down and then look at each others baskets and ask "do you need that?" until we'd reached an acceptable total. Worked quite well in the end! 

These amazing jeans were actually a last minute grab! I didn't even try them on, but loving primark jeans as I do I knew this pair would fit well. At £7 you can't say no! 
They're a bit too trendy for me but I'm working on how I'm going to wear them, stay tuned for a post on that! 
If you're a regular reader you'll know that my body is currently under construction as I'm working out a lot more and eating super clean to try and get my body ready for summer! This sports bra was a great little investment, it was only £4 and it is so soft that it makes working out something to actually look forward too! 

Now we get to the less practical fun primarky bits. 
 These tweezers were a steal! They came in a pack of 2 for just £1 and this adorable polka dot pattern make them super unique! However after using them this morning I can tell you that both pairs are really sharp and to be careful to check the ends before you use them. 
I am completely obsessed! These sunglasses are so cute they're slightly cat eyed with wide sides and navy and daisy print all over! For only £2 I thought I'd treat myself 
*hint* I only ever buy cheap sunglasses for holiday because I'm bound to break them.
and finally the last thing I picked up whilst in Primark was this backcombing brush for £1 I've always wanted to try backcombing my hair and for £1 I couldn't really say no. 

So that's everything I bought, it all came to a total of £18 which for all that little lot was a steal! 
I hope you've enjoyed this post, I always love reading primark hauls because without going in store it's the only way to find out what they have!! 

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Xoxo TW 


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