Woman VS. Workload - Take 2

So as the easter break rapidly approaches so too does a whole heap of deadlines!!! 

  1. English Coursework - next monday is the final deadline for my english coursework portfolio. It's huge it takes up a scary percent of my final mark and currently I'm 1000 words down! Eeeep! 
  2. Media Coursework - so I have to submit about 80% of my A2 next monday aswell.. I'm doing a remark on it so it's worth more, hopefully increasing my grade! 
Ok so compared to last time that might not seem like a lot but trust me thats a lot to cram in for only 4 days!! 

Wish Me Luck!!! 

Xoxo TW 

PS. Don't forget about my Bloglovin Competition, till Saturday this week I am doing follow for follow and I'm going to pick a random follower on Saturday and give them a random shoutout here on my blog and on twitter!! 

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