How to revise for ... AN ESSAY BASED EXAM

So I'm going to start a new series called "How to revise for..." and go through the different types of exams and the different ways to revise. 
Most of my exams are essay based, so I've developed quite a straight forward way to revise. 
I take blank revision cards and using the exam board website to find past papers I look up all the past essay questions and write them on the flashcards... like so. (see below)
 As you can see I've formatted them so that the year of the exam is at the top, I've written out the full question and highlighted the bit that changes (the important bit). Just for fun I've put each flashcard in a different colour for underlining titles ect. Just keeps it interesting.

Then I look at the corresponding mark scheme for that essay title and think about how I would answer it and what points I'd want to make and include in my essay. 
I'd then take those points and create an essay plan, write the plan on the back of the essay and that's your completed card. 

There's one way to revise for essay based exams and you could even go one step beyond this and actually write the essays as practise for your exam. 

Now well done! Go reward yourself with a bar of choccie (or two) 

Till next time 

Xoxo TW

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