Workout Wednesday - Running

I've never been a runner, I can hold my hands up and say that although I've alwasy been in reasonably good shape I was never a runner, I always came in last when it came to PE lessons. However recently as I've mentioned I've been getting in shape, I decided last week to bite the bullet and just go for a run. 
BAD IDEA! As painful as it was, it did give me a really good indicator about where my fitness levels are. Rock bottom. Even though it was horrible a couple days later I found myself with the urge to go out again? So I did and actually it was easier, and so I went out again last weekend too! It's nothing huge and don't hold your breathe but I think I'm turning into a runner!! :) 

My boyfriends mum does a lot of work with dogs for the disabled charity and is organising a 5K colour run in the summer!! For those of you who don't know a colour run is where you run 5K and everytime you finish 1K they throw a different colour of paint over you! So at the end you all look pretty messy. I've decided that it might be quite a good goal for me to run 5K! I've got a while to train and my friends are doing it too and it should be good fun!

How are you pushing yourself this year? 

Xoxo TW

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