Workout Wednesday

So like many I overendulged this christmas and judging by the fit of my jeans I may of put on a bit of holiday weight (well .. it was christmas right?) Since the new year has come around I've taken it as an oppertunity to get fit! (Well health-ier...ish?) but I've been following the Jillian Micheal 30 day shred workout and it's tough!! 

I have certainly felt the pain of my results and I'm starting to see them physically too! The workout is only 20 minutes long which is great as I know I'd feel guilty spending any more time than that, especially with exams coming up! It's super simple, it's made up of a warm up, then cardio and strength training with multiple set for each exercise and then a cool down with some stretches (v. important)
I'd highly recommend doing it! I'll check back in with my progress in a couple weeks!

Xoxo TW 


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