Energy zapping pits of boredom

So I'm hitting a wall. All my subjects (english, media and drama) are draining my energy and I'm starting to feel like my studies are monotonous and boring. I feel like all I'm doing is typing away at bits of coursework about stuff I already know, things that aren't new to me. I don't feel like I'm learning and progressing, I feel like I'm in an endless circle of google something, read a couple lines and go back to document and say that I know something. Where's the creativity? What is there to inspire me? A lot of the time my lessons aren't even made up of learning new things, it's "show you can do this" "read this and extract quotes that represent that". In a way I miss spanish, I took it last year and I was so so awful at it, I did so badly on the exam I didn't even get a grade, but I miss it, because even though I was bad at it, I was learning new things every single lesson. I just hope that university brings with it the oppertunity to learn and not juts recite. 

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I'm not suggesting that I'd ever cheat on an exam, but I think this quote is so insightful, because it's true teachers would rather tell you the answer or tell you how to get a certain grade than let you learn how yourself. I love education so I hate to think that our education system is becoming a grade factory. 

What do you think? Do you still get the same feeling when you learn something new? 

Xoxo TW

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